Who Are We?

We are an outsourced Accounting & CFO firm. We are success-driven with a friendly demeanor, and we know what it takes to grow. Our team is comprised of financial professionals who are ready to help you build the business you desire.


Meet Emily Moore, the Visionary Founder of The Bean Countery.

With a background in Finance and Accounting at several start-ups and multi-national corporations, Emily felt a longing for more creativity and passion in her work.

Raised in a family of hard workers, Emily embraced the challenge. Her journey led her to partner as CFO with a roofing restoration company, working to transform all KPI's within 18 months. Utilizing strong relationships and a great collaborative environment, Emily and the management team fine-tuned systems, enhanced services, and boosted customer satisfaction.

Seeing the potential to help others achieve similar growth, she founded Bean Countery. Now, she dedicates her time and expertise to guide business owners towards success. Emily's journey is a testament to an unwavering commitment to helping businesses thrive. Join her on this exciting journey!

Introducing Melissa Eschan, our friendly bookkeeper. Melissa is a dedicated wife, a loving mother of four and a proud grandmother of seven. Her warm and welcoming presence adds a friendly touch to our office. With Melissa, you're not just getting a bookkeeper; you're getting a financial expert who values family and brings a helpful vibe to your financial journey.

Meet Jonas Moore, our Junior Accountant. With a keen interest in economics and a hunger for learning, Jonas is quickly becoming a go-to resource and valuable member of the Bean Countery team. When you work with Jonas, you're not just getting an accountant; you're partnering with a future financial leader who's ready to help navigate the world of entrepreneurship and financial success.

Meet Katie Rovelstad, the Project Manager extraordinaire at Bean Countery. Armed with an MBA in Human Resources & Leadership, Katie is the mastermind behind our streamlined operations. Outside the office, she's a loving wife and devoted mother of three. This balance between her personal and professional life brings a unique blend of organization and efficiency to our team. When you work with Katie, you're in the capable hands of a seasoned pro who knows how to manage projects seamlessly while also juggling the beautiful chaos of life.

Meet Patrick Eschan, the newest addition to our Bean Countery team. With a knack for numbers and a passion for baseball, Patrick is not only a skilled bookkeeper, but he's also a dedicated father of two boys who are enthusiastic baseball players. He brings his sharp financial skills and a warm family-oriented perspective to our team. He works closely with clients to make sure their financial records are in tip-top shape. When Patrick is on your team, your team is unstoppable.

why we are different

we know how to use the right tools

Bean Countery is a Certified Profit First firm, which means we take YOUR profits really seriously. We partner with each client to not only get the Accounting right, but also to strategize with you on the systems your business needs to thrive!

We are far from the typical Accounting firm model. We are real, we are vested in our client’s successes, we don’t believe conversations about our finances or futures should EVER be boring, and we offer a standing appointment to make sure our clients hit their targets!

We currently serve Digital Marketing firms, Residential Roofing & Home Contractors, and various other small businesses – specifically those who have grown and are committed to continue that growth. Our motto, “More than just numbers,” is no under-statement.

Our mission is to help you move your business where you want it to go; we do that by designing, building, & implementing a number of systems over time. Are numbers & figures a priority? Of course, but bookkeeping & accounting is one of many tools & systems a successful business needs, and ultimately we look forward to the day when your business thrives with your own internal finance team (and we can help you build it).

Bean Countery strives to partner with each of our clients by easing the fear of finances and giving them a roadmap that is easy to navigate. We want you to win, and need to know what winning looks like to you!

who do we work with?

business owners who want better lifestyles

Is cash tight? Are you frustrated with staff that can’t seem to solve their own problems? Are you working every day and connecting with your family very little? Are your supply purchases paid? Are you current on taxes? How happy are your customers? Does your team enjoy their work?

Wherever you fall in the giant spectrum of possibilities, things can usually be better.

Let us help narrow down your current challenges and develop a roadmap to get you where you need to be.

Hear What Our Clients Say

Real Clients - Real Stories

Ashley W.

Amazing experience at the Bean Countery. Emily is punctual and concise. She helped us setup our new business LLC and is always willing to answer my many questions! Highly recommend you call Emily and setup an appointment today.

Taylor A.

Bean Countery does an absolutely incredible job and will take excellent care of you!

Eric G.

I love having you in my corner!

Katie B.

I just feel like I have someone behind me helping drive the ship with you there, so that's what I mean by thank you for all the support. I feel stronger in my business than I ever have and you are a part of it. So, thanks!

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